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    Default How enneagram 6s can grow

    If you are a cp6. Admit that you are afraid because there is nothing wrong with that admit that you need help and stop acting hard. Have real faith in your friends.

    If you are a phobic 6. Have faith in yourself even if no one does admit your mistakes and do your part and be responsible. Be honest.
    Think of Maka from when she punch asura in the face by being brave and have faith in yourself. Or when shun start to really trust skyrus when he was brawling against a venture ancient warrior.
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    Tbh. Imo. By not looking to Enneagram to understand yourself. Maybe you're like me and don't have any of the core motivations going on with you. Or, you may relate to some parts and not others. See yourself as an individual first, not a classification. Whenever you are learning about yourself...ask yourself why you're that way and what you can do about it. Don't let some theory tell you why before you've even tried to figure it out without it. You're capable of thinking for yourself. Go for more empirical psychological resources if you really don't know. Just definitely don't ever think you're not admitting something just because you think the rest of you is "supposed to" match the type description you think is yours. If it doesn't, it doesn't. The systems aren't flawless.
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