I always thought I was a 5w4 sp. The first time I took the test, was years ago. There was no doubt. However, after taking the test recently once more on various sites, it does not seem quite as clear. My most likely type seems to alternate between 5,9, and 4. On a particular test, my top type was 9, followed by 5, followed by seven, and then 4. Thus, without wings I was a 9, and with them, I was a 5w4. My instinctual variants remain sp>so>sx. On another test, I was 5w4, being 5 and 4 my top results, followed by 6. On a third one; 5>4>8, and in the last one, 5>9>4. Previously, 9 was not at all on my top types.
Now, all of this seems completely unrelated, but I am not posting this to find my type, I am posting it because of a pattern that I have noticed. Now, from what I know, type 9 seems to be prone to dissociation. Over these past two years, I have found myself frecuently experiencing depersonalization and derealization. I must clarify that it does not get to a pathological point, however, given the correlation between type 9 and dissociation, I cannot help but wonder whether it can go both ways, whether not only can being a type nine make you prone to it, if experiencing it gives you certain characteristics associated with this type. I am really ignorant, I must add, so this is only useless speculation.
Additionaly, I don't know whether type nine is really the only one prone to dissociation, and thus, the question comes up. Are there any other types like this? What would push every type to move towards this state? It confuses me the fact that it became the way it is for me given that 5 tends to go towards seven under stress and 4 towards 2.
To give some context, I am an INTP-T.
What are your thoughts on all of this?
Please, excuse my terrible English, it is not my first language.