When it comes to enneagram 3s. Remember they have a fear of feeling worthless. They want to have some real value in some way. It could be in music,morality,knowledge,theory,acting and so on. Remember not all enneagram 3s are image conscious. I am going to give you a real life example,Dave Mustaine from Megadeth,Kanye West, and Steve Jobs,they are not image concious 3s,they strive to be the best because they want quality over quantity.Fictional examples include Superman,Captain Quark and Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat. Unhealthy 3s can become underhanded,cutthroat and ruthless in their approach. Healthy 3s are more in touch in with their own motives, mature and still strive to be the best in their own. See the issue with enneagram 3s is vanity. Which means putting too much importance on something such as achievements or appearance or being kind of petty. Also you can add forgetting the things that are really important in life,such as your personal life or asking yourselves questions why are you doing this or why are you hanging with these kinds of people,or what values that you have,instead of placing too much importance on career,girlfriend or boyfriend that you don't care about,they just a trophy to you. Have you watch that scene where future johnny cage tells younger johnny cage that our dad is an asshole and hollywood much us an even bigger,that is a good example of an enneagram 3 integrated to 6. They can be a little too self center at times.