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    Question 7w6s and WORK SATISFACTION


    @my 7w6 TP folks. What job gives you satisfaction? What is your metric for happiness on the job? What job/role is a good fit for the 7w6?

    Looking forward to your thoughts.
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    Hello. Very interesting question. I was most happy with my first job as an interior designer in a company with minimal contol over my work and given lots of freedom. I enjoyed the varied different tasks like going to clients to take dimensions of their homes. Make plans, sell (short term projects with quick satisfaction and bonus), being admired as the authority, being creative. All changed when suddenly an older, male and conservative manager tried to controle me. This is the reason i quit the job. Since then i only had short term unsatisfactional jobs where i had problems with procrastination and lack of self esteem. I was fired many times and can not find a decent pleasant job in an organisation which appreciates my true talents. Very sad..

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