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    4w5 sx/so

    Default Margaery Tyrell - Game of Thrones

    Enneatype? Tritype? Mbti?

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    She is a very expansive type, her reasoning / driving motivations seems to be classical 3 glory and prestige and 7 gluttony, over 8 power.

    ENFJ, classical goal-achieving visionary and obviously using Fe to her advantage.
    3w2 7w8, Gut is a bit hazy, probably shaded over by a lot of the image-building, but I can see some 9 modulating influence as a strategy despite her being expansive. I may consider 1w9 or 9w1. IV is a bit hard at first glance, but her reasonings and focus are very sp-first, backed by sx intensity. sx/sp is also likely and can go.

    EDIT: Rewatching a few clips, she seeks security and influence via and on soc matters, but there seems to be less of an sp 'bodily' focus. so/sx?
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    ENFJ, E3.
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    definitely going with ENFJ/3w2.
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    ENFJ, 3w2, 6w7, can't pin down gut. Definitely so/sp, she's obviously a so-dom, sx blind sounds a bit unlikely, but I think it's more reasonable than sp blind.
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    EIE ENFj 368.

    Out of all types ENFj wants power over people the most. That’s how they reach their goals.

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