The key to understanding this is understanding that 8 is a gut type, and a neighbor to 9 on the enneagram. 891 repress the questions of the other two triads and are much more instinctual types.

Enneagram 6 is a hardcore fear-oriented type. Even when counterphobic, e.g. John Watson from BBC Sherlock (who seems unconsciously attracted to dangerous situations), it's 6.

8s are like 9s -- where 9s can have a certain apathy and self-forgetting, 8s have the self-forgetting but not the apathy. Their self-forgetting manifests in terms of repressing vulnerability.

Picture a 6s aggression kind of like a threatened animal's. There's kind of a vibe to it. Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter 5 is classic counterphobic 6. I'd say if you've watched Mathilda -- again, Trunchbull is likely a cp 6.