Type Nine

Nines are self-doubting. In the absence of hard proof, they have difficulty thinking/knowing and assume the position of skeptic. They are habitually uncertain about things they have every reason to be certain about. They want to find something they can trust in and look for proofs that will help them to stabilize their shaky sense of existence. They seek out substitutes for their inner-guidance that they can reference internally for counsel, direction and advice. They have no trust in their ability to independently know and quickly need reassurances, but just as they have those reassurances quickly lose it.

Nines are vacillating. Nines are the point on the enneagram that have no built-in distortion about the world. As a result nines have difficult feeling that they know or can grasp the expectations of others and respond to the world with ambivalence, vacillation and doubt. As a result, nines seek out external systems that will ground them with a sense of what to expect from the world and the people in it. Beliefs, rules, codes, customs, become very important to to Nines and they look to outer authorities and leaders for guidance and invest a great deal of importance in those beliefs.

Nines are fatalistic. They become fixated on finding a magical/powerful figure that can take on responsibility for key areas of their life. The powerful figure works as a buffer to take control of things that nines feel they are at the mercy of. Essentially, the magical figure is somebody that will one day show up to make the nine's life complete and give them the motivation to actually take action and exert their will. Until that time, nines are content to remain complacent.

Nines are inert. They are unable to see life from a "I can do it" point of view as everything just seems hopeless. They justify their lack of action as simply being too much trouble to do or annoying. They can take action for the benefit of others but not for their own. They say no to things outside of their comfort zone and report not feeling good enough. They indulge in magical thinking believing that the great things in life they desire will just happen one day. They put off important decisions to attend to their responsibilities to others and never feel like doing much of anything. They simply become stuck in routines and habits, "sleepwalking" through events.

Nines are dependent. In order to bring a magical figure into their lives, they instinctively avoid their own autonomy. In response to the fear of losing the support of others nines suppress their own willfulness in order to go with the flow, to stay merged with the agenda of others and to suppress their own 'inner voice’; to avoid conflict and to remain in a state of inaction. The end result is that they are out of touch with inner guidance and look for others to provide them with mental reassurance. They forget themselves. They go on autopilot. They fall asleep, so to speak. A process of deterioration in their ability to think abstractly occurs. They find it easier to just adopt group sentiments or sentiments by others.

Healthy nines are in touch with inner clarity, awake to their own autonomy. As a result, they become better able to take action and come into contact with their inner guidance. The less they look for a magical figure outside of themselves, the more complete and whole they start to experience themselves as. Autonomy emerges. By re-owning their power they gain a sense of control over the direction of their life and a sense of freedom from the agenda of others. They become more self-reliant and perhaps give off, at a subconscious level, the most naturally endearing quality of all the types.

9w8s are earthy. They are typically an apolitical type, identifying strongly with nature. They have a slyer sense of humour blended in street smarts. They shun bringing attention to themselves and like to run their operations more underground. They are a more down to earth nine still insightful who have an ability to build up the egos of others. They are often very intuitive. They put emphasis on not sticking out and getting more in touch with nature. Their internal experience diffuses more into universals even as they poeticize the crude. Doubts they have about their sponsors or experts can always be projected onto scapegoats. They tend towards being terse. They can be difficult to understand but not because they say too much, rather that they say too little. Their thinking favors repetition and memorization. They focus a lot of attention to energy and body language.

9w8s are stubborn. They are more about holding the line. They stick more fervently to their own principles even when its at odds with the times, very often giving them a more old-school quality. They dip threats in olive oil and size people up by whether the person can stay within the forms of that occasion without breaking. They stabilize and gain advantage over competitors by setting up "walls" that push competition out and erode the possibilities.

9w8s are reliable. They jump through hoops for people and take hits for the team. They know what to do without having to take direction. They are quick to volunteer themselves for tasks and don't have a problem helping others to further their agenda. They often function as "middlemen" in the distribution of new ideas. They have a compulsion to remind people of stuff and to constantly try and check in with people to make sure things are all right. They are strongly attuned to people's appetites.

9w8s are protective. They are shaken by the horrors of the world and are often the first to advance onto the front-lines willing to sacrifice themselves or whatever power they have at their disposal in order to make a difference. When tragic things happen they sometimes lament over "what a sick world it is." They put more responsibility on themselves to help make it better. They do things for the benefit of others even more than they do for themselves. They will seek out interdependent relationships between equals who will join them in doing the same. They will come up with or adapt ideas that can be used to deter denigration, insensitivity and other abuses of power. They are big on human rights. Some devote their lives to humanitarian causes finding assurances for their passive/aggressive ambivalence by fighting for justice on behalf of the weak believing it their duty.

9w1s are critical. They have a stronger sense of self-condemnation. They are more impotent in their anger than 8 wingers. They compartmentalize their anger so as to responsibly do their part. They often don't take well to ideas or assertions that disrupt their sense for the objective reality.

9w1s are conformist. They are highly deferential to authority. They look to the authorities to provide them shelter on a whole array of things from what to think to what to wear. They seek out causes, missions, ideologies, organizations etc they can wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to. They like to be part of something bigger than themselves. They show their loyalty by doing what they believe people expect of them and by suppressing any doubts they may have in order to maintain a loyal and partisan stance. They become guardians of the beliefs that they depend on for grounding and build up a pride and mutual admiration for those ideas and people associated with it. They overcommit themselves to the extent their personal lives takes a back seat so that they can diligently do their part to extend the legacy of others.

9w1s are normative. Their perceptions of the environment are organized around reflexively defending a status quo. They are easily triggered by people whose opinions are subversive to ideas that conflict with the status quo, and often respond to such subversions as if they were attacks upon themselves. They take it upon themselves to try to ostracize and take on those whose opinions lack a sense of decency and conflict with sentiments and thought-terminating cliches the 9w1 has internalized. Their sense of decency is based upon their own emotive connections to how their fellow 'victims-in-arms' (past or present, living or dead) would feel about it , and for the 9w1 censorship based around that standard of decency supercedes free speech.

Twos are assertive in their other-seeking. Nines are fatalistic in their other-seeking.

Nines are modest. Threes are egotistical.

Fours are pathologically self-referential. Nines can't sustain self-reference for too long.

Fives are more certain. Nines doubtful.

Sixes are reactive. Nines grounded.

Rebelling is a way of life for Sevens. Nines vacillate between conformity and rebellion.

Eights are independent-minded. Nines seek mental reassurances.

Nines see more points of view than Ones do. Ones are more fanatical.