Type 7

Sevens are subversive. The core distortion of the seven is that "God" is against them, and vice-versa, that they are against "God." God can be understood here as anything that seeks to inhibit one's nature. Thus doing whatever one wants ("freedom") becomes the basis for the seven's self-esteem.

Sevens are rebellious. One who stands against God can be nothing but. They march to their own beat and have an opinion on everything assuming that what feels right to their body must be right. They intend to shape their environment in a way that suits their desires. They live the life they want to live regardless of whether it is right or wrong. They are more naturally in rebellion from/against the establishment and have an easy time persuading others to act and think in a way different.

Sevens are hedonistic. Rebellion manifests through the striving of immediate gratification of one's impulses. They always want to cheat the present moment for more pleasure. They habitually put their wants ahead of their needs believing they can always make up for it later on.

Sevens are thrill-seekers. Closely associated to hedonism is thrill-seeking or risk-taking. Sevens typically don't do or say anything that would detract from thrills. They aren't as concerned with foresight since there is more risk in letting the chips fall where they may. They prefer to live in a way that doesn't look past the next bend in the road. They also don't look behind them to see what damage they may have caused as that would also minimize the risk of what tomorrow may hold.

Sevens are exuberant. Activity expresses their freedom of movement. They stay on the move in search of greener pastures so as to stay on the run from deeper pain. They impatiently seek to realize their dreams rather than sit around dreaming about it. At all costs, they don't want to be immobilized. Their exuberance is a defense against a deeper depression.

Sevens are gluttonous. Gluttony expresses their freedom of choice. They like to have a large variety to pick from and would rather try all the choices than just get confined to one. The 7's gluttony is like a "roving eye" as if to bely their insatiable desire to consume everything in sight with no restriction on how the seven will take it. This can also manifest as increased spending. They want to stimulate a continuous high as if they were riding a rollercoaster through life. They want to fill themselves with more of life and a wide variety of experiences.

Sevens are unrestrained. Lack of restraint expresses their freedom to act out. Some sevens deny themselves the ability to say 'no' and begin to buy whatever suits their eye only to let it collect dust after they bring it home. They may max out their credit cards without any real idea of how they will pay for it. They may look for 'easy scores' and shortcuts, so that they don't have to get tied down into a niche. They may have infantile reactions or talk excessively. They often overestimate their physical body's ability to handle greater quantities of consumption and start to go overboard. They routinely act out. They blurt out all their most private feelings. They express their thoughts forcefully. They use directness to shock others. They vent their urges out at their audience without constraint.

Unhealthy Sevens are chaotic. They are violently impulsive towards any restriction and have no regard for consequences. Rather than run the 'gauntlet,' they aim to destroy it and bring about a sense of disorder that will ensure their freedom.

Healthier sevens are committed. They develop a more continuous sense of past and present instead of just shedding off the past at every turn without second thought. They bring enjoyment and delight into the lives of others. They are more moderate and sober in their appetites.

7w6s are mercurial. Their quick fluctuations in mental state can cause pain and hurt to the same people the 7w6 reveres. They have every intention of being a certain way or keeping a certain promise, but are unable to sustain those intentions as their gluttonous appetites crowd out their intentions with new thought and actions.

7w6s are versatile. They like to be where the action is and channel their minds towards excitement with a rapid and continuous style of thinking. They tend to be sponges when it comes to picking up and synthesizing information and very often they have a jack of all trades quality that gives them enough resources to land on their feet. In the darkest moments of people's lives sevens can often be the breath of fresh air or humor that makes the time pass by less painfully.

7w6s are wishful. They believe in their "bag of gold." The "bag of gold" is the promise that their fortunes will fall out of the sky one day and let them backtrack to make up for time lost. They unconsciously project this promise onto all of their interactions, from friends, to work, to life in general.

7w8s are greedy. They see life more in zero sum terms and focus the most on the big picture believing that all the smaller elements will naturally fall into place. They trivialize and mess with people more and often have a solid instinct for utilizing others in new and sometimes ingenuous ways. They use faster strikes to throw competitors' advantages off balance and keep things more in flux.

7w8s are exploitative. They only get involved with groups or situations simply for the opportunity to exploit something for their own benefit. A "hit and run" approach manifests in all areas of their life. 7w8s have been known to relocate to different parts of the country, opening scam businesses and using their general knowledge to attract investors. Once they hit their mark, they will just pack up and hit the road, or find a new alias. If they have access to a large sum of money, the temptation may be too difficult for them to resist skipping town with it, regardless of who the money belongs to.

7w8s are silver-tongued. They often act like they are authorities on almost any topic, sometimes seeming vague, deceptive or untruthful in their silver-tongued ability. They don't ask questions because that would be an admission of ignorance and they find advice demeaning. They act like an "expert" on subjects they only have a vague knowledge on.

7w8s are conning. They develop a strong pride in being able to take what they want by duping others and can no longer resist temptations. Perhaps what is less known about sevens is that the duping of others can occur in the realm of ideas. They can take a certain pride in getting somebody like a peacemaker to go along with a completely ridiculous idea. They are machiavellian 'tacticians' with a focus on the easy score. They refuse to live conventional lives or work conventional jobs. They can easily turn to crime with the rationalization that resorting to illegal activity is the quickest way to live according to their rightful lifestyle. Or another 7 might rationalize that they had no say in creating the laws, therefore they have no obligation to obey it.


Seven hedonism is unrestrained. Two hedonism is well-mannered.

Sevens rebel against the times. Threes present themselves as a paragon for the times.

Recklessness for a four is an end. Recklessness for a seven is a means for seeking thrills.

Fives can’t sustain an on the go pattern like a Seven can and are more precise in what they say than Sevens.

Sixes are adversarial. Sevens are subversive. Sevens focus on options. Eights focus on leverage. Furthermore, dominance is an end in itself for Eights. For Sevens, dominance is a means of having the power to subvert and rebel, to undo society, so to speak.

Rebelling is a way of life for Sevens. Nines vacillate between conformity and rebellion.

Sevens are comfortable with chaos. Ones are comfortable with order.