I'm listening to this wonderful podcast by NPR. A woman is being interviewed who experiences what i would call a sort of emotional synesthesia - she can feel in her body exacty what everybody else around her is feeling. for instance, if someone falls down the stairs, she will experience pain in the exact same way.
A scientist was interviewed who explains that we all do this, for instance, when watching a movie, if we see a person get slapped, we feel the slap, but just a bit, whereas this woman experiences a slap like 100%.

She says what it feels like is as if she was eating and other people were forcing her to eat their food too. Then she goes on to say that she doesn't really know how she feels about things, as she takes up the feelings of everybody else around her. She calls herself a "chameleon". That's when I thought this podcast could interest type 9's. I guess this is an extremist case, but I can see something similar happening with type 9's and dominant Fi.

Here it is

Entanglement : Invisibilia : NPR

"This week, you'll meet a woman who can physically feel what she sees others feeling. We'll also explore the ways in which all of us are connected – more literally than you might realize."