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Thread: Hugo Chavez

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    Default Hugo Chavez

    I see him listed as an ENFP mostly.

    However, I watched this:

    And that seems wrong.

    Why? 1st, ENFP does not fit. ENFPs are inspirers, inspiring others by their actions and lives. They don't like leading by controlling. And no ENFP is going to do a tv call in show as ruler, trying to figure out how to help people. They would be guided by their Fi.

    2nd, he seemed to exhibit a lot of Fe. He was connected to the crowd and had a great understanding of how to connect with him. He exhibited great people control, which his successor can't do.

    3rd, the story of his revolutionary grandfather seems to relate to high Si.

    4th, he did not seem to exhibit much Ne.

    I would suggest he was a ESFJ.

    Watch some of the video to get an idea of him as a person, rather than merely as the "Castro junior" that he was largely portrayed as during his rule.
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    7w8 sp/so....very exuberant, non-stop talker, rebellious, unrestrained and a big-time jokester. Trump gets compared to him a lot due to their use of insults. But Chavez only comes across to me half-serious when he's being insulting, like part of it is he's just trying to provoke a response because he's understimulated. Trump's physical agency comes across more serious and certain when he's bashing estimation is that Trump really wants to bury the person's reputation (or image) and convince others, including the person he's insulting, that he's right (to win). Chavez just seems like having fun with the person he's insulting...taunting them, amusing himself and perhaps trying to stir up some drama/excitement by saying the most outrageous thing he can think of in the given moment. Trump also has a laser-like focus that Chavez doesn't....Chavez seems all over the place and not as focused and goal-oriented as trump. I would not say that dominance was an end in itself for Chavez, but a means for him to subvert the norms of discourse for the way that world leaders customarily talk and behave in public.

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