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Poll: What Personality Type is Jim Caviezel?

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Thread: Jim Caviezel

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    Default Jim Caviezel

    Jim Caviezel

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    *I personally type him as INFJ, but I want to know what do you guys think in order to decide if I'm correct or not*

    He looks possibilities in life (Could be Ne or Ni, depends on what he does with those possibilities)
    He usually knows something before it happens. Seems like Ni
    He only has few interests. Seems that Ni has few interest
    He loves to consider what people want, what a group of people want. He doesn't want to let his team down. Seems like Fe
    He's straightforward sometimes, Although he's emotional, he doesn't use his feeling to make decision, he also has ever said his emotion a sentimental hogwash. His friend said that he has a sharp tongue
    Many people consider him as a man of integrity
    He's quite reckless because he usually doesn't see everything around him (seems like low Se)
    He usually read people well
    He tell lots of people about his belief, but he let them to make their own choice. Some INFJs are fighting for what they believe I think

    I went to mass every day I filmed as Jesus keep Lucifer away; THE RELIGIOUS PASSION OF JIM CAVIEZEL. - Free Online Library
    Living | The Unexpected Star -- Jim Caviezel's Stubborn Sincerity Cuts A Swath Through Hollywood | Seattle Times Newspaper
    Jim Caviezel: Shamelessly Catholic (look at the driven into the arms of God section)

    Inferior Se
    Person of Interest Season 1 Blooper Reel (HD) - YouTube

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    I'm not very good with knowing all the types yet, but interesting thread. I came here because I saw Jim... he's been on my radar for a few years. He's very appealing. It'll be interesting to see how the poll goes.
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    interesting one @fel_cav - no idea, haven't watched anything with him in a long time
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