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Poll: What Personality Type is Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P.?

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    Default Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P.

    Blackie Lawless

    -- The, shall we say, "difficult" frontman for heavy metal/shock rock band, W.A.S.P. Common themes from anyone who's ever worked with him: Blackie is "intimidating", "untrustworthy", a "control freak", "anti-social", someone who sees himself as the "general" and his bandmates as "soldiers" to command and dismiss at will.

    -- Has maintained a 40-year-long career in the cutthroat music industry, pretty much on his lonesome.

    -- One of the very few (perhaps the only?) 80s glam metal stars who didn't have a drug habit. Released an anti-drug album in 1989, a move so ludicrously out-of-sync with his metalhead fanbase that I can only presume he was totally sincere about it.

    -- Is up-front about doing things for the money/fame/women/all of the above.

    -- Appears to dwell on the darker side of life. This is somehow who has written multiple albums about the dangers of drugs and physical and emotional child abuse, but when asked who or what he loves most in the world, thinks hard about it and can't come up with an answer other than his car collection.

    -- Enjoys being center of attention and is very talky, but gets testy if he feels he's being confronted or talked down to in any way. Has a terrible reputation among interviewers as a result.

    -- To add to that he likes to do things like invade people's personal space (in an appearance on British TV, he goes and sits beside Julia Fordham and tickles her mercilessly), loom over them, or otherwise put interviewers on the spot (in one Australian interview, he teases the interviewer for having a chain [?!] attached to his chair, asking her if she doesn't feel safe in his presence).

    This 2007 interview is one of the better ones he's done.

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    dunno but

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