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    Default Tom Scholz

    Tom Scholz

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    I just saw Boston tonight. The founder of the band is from MIT. What type do you think he is?

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    He seems like an INTJ to me... these guys seem to agree as well.

    INTJ Musicians? - Page 2 - INTJ Forum

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    Yeah I think he's an INTJ. He's a technical genius and a musical genius. He got a masters degree from MIT and became an engineer. It's very common for INTJ's to be engineers. He dresses like trash all the time and his hair is always unkempt. That's like an INTJ. And he had the discipline and work ethic to do a lot of work to engineer his own musical equipment and to produce his own rock songs. His rock songs are works of great genius and fairly complex. An INTP would not have had the work ethic to create all these things. Also he must have used his Fi to put the great emotion into his songs.

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