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I think she's a 4 INFP still.

I don't see why 4s would not be open with shame - that's trademark 4 actually. The sx 4 is the angriest 4, the most scathing, almost counter-shame in wearing it so openly and wanting to attack people for "making" them feel that way. Her lyrics seem to embody this.

7s seem waaaaay less prone to open shame - they are called the Narcissistic type after all (Naranjo). They don't like to broadcast their negative qualities or they champion them if they do. They have a "this is not so bad" attitude where they refuse to be judged. The 4 is angry at being judged, but they truly do feel the shame and internalize it as identity.

Any nervous energy she has at times seems drug-related, honestly. She's not well emotionally or physically, and that throws off typing someone.

I do retract my previous idea that she is 4w5. She is too open for that typing, even though she is supposedly rather reclusive at times. 4w3 is very much a dramatic performer though. 4w3 Morrissey is soooo dramatic on stage, ripping his shirt off, clutching his heart....
I totally agree with you there. I relate too much to her music.