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Thread: Bruce Lee

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    ISTP, warrior philosopher archetype.
    you do realize that this is the captain?

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    ILE-Ne 3w2 so/sp

    Bruce Lee is a good example of the expansive-self-confident gestalt (3w2). His core strategy was outshining others and worked non-stop in order to do so...literally to the point of no return.

    Similar examples: Donald Trump (SLE-Ti 3w2 so/sp), Muhammad Ali (LSE-Te 3w2 so/sp), Hodgetwins (SEE-Se 3w2 so/sp), Rhonda Rousey (SLI-Si 3w2 so/sp), Lavar Ball (LSE-Si 3w2 so/sp), Ricardo Mayorga (SLE-Se 3w2 so/sp)

    Ne-dom fairly obvious. Bruce saw what Martial Arts could be and had a cognition for synthesizing the various disciplines. He lived and breathed possibilities and a vision of mixed martial arts puts him well ahead of his time.
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    ESTP. Extroverted Sensation as primary and introverted thinker as auxiliary function. His martial artistic movement, known as Jet Kune Doo, performed as a response to sensory sensations he perceived through the five senses. The body movement is adjusted to the sensory sensations, The subjective body motion in this movement serves only an auxiliary to the sensory sensation.
    Sometimes, I think that many aren't able to distinguish how the primary and auxiliary functions expressed in nature.

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