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Thread: Eminem?

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    Legion- "Eminem's typing is one of the ones that I'm most certain about, because I look through it with the INFJ lens and it all fits. A lot of people I'm not totally sure of because I can't necessarily see how it's all manifesting, it's just a suspicion, but I feel like the typing of Eminem as INFJ goes beyond a suspicion. "- This is the problem with INFJs and typing. They are notorious for being bad at typing, it's well known in the MBTI community, they type anyone they like or relate to as one, a lot of other types do it aswell but INFJs have Ni which is the most arrogant function so it's just- I know this and i'm right and any other opinion is wrong, Ni looks for closure so Ni doms rarely doubt themselves. they can't conceive that they could be wrong about something. Eminem is not an Ni dom. I'll show you why in one quote- "The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed"- That quote shows you it's not possible for him to be an Ni dom, Ni is the most future focused function.

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    Woah! I think Eminem is actually an ISFJ!

    @The Seeker 1994, INFJs are not bad at typing people. Most people in the typology community are bad at typing people.

    I actually use proper methods to determine type, obviously I get it wrong a lot, and can be sure until I hit a brick wall.

    Not sure how you can discount a type based on a quote though. What's the basis of that?

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