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Poll: What Personality Type is Type Rhett and Link?

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    Default Type Rhett and Link (GMM)

    I love these dorks. Maybe a bit too much. The Show Good Mythical Morning, the Mythical crew, the Mythical society. Innane experiments and wacky ideas for episodes that have been ongoing and running forever now?

    The Ne is palpable isn't it. At first glance it's all Ne. You might say they both are. HOW EVAH ... I beg to differ

    Link here is wayy more focused and zeroed in on something than Rhett, also picky and perfectionistic, than Rhett who's more futurist and very idea focused.
    in the 'Link' here (pun wasn't intended but eh) blood type A matches Link, blood type O matches Rhett
    Even the magical foot gleens insight

    Judging by all this Rhett seems pretty ENTP (I could say INTP as some say but I doubt it I think it's him being a type 5 cuz he can be isolatory but he just screams alot of Ne-Fe to me around people, also Ti pointing out what's logical or not I've seen him do a fair bit) And Link seems ISFJ or ESFJ not sure which. And he's pretty emotive. More than Rhett. And he's alot more likely to focus on facts than ideas unlike rhett

    Rhett has stated has was a type 3 when he took the enneagram test and it fits him as he's competitive and image conscious, very aware of how he comes off, to kinda perform
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    I used to watch these all the time lol.
    From what I remember I'd agree to Rhett being ExTP (so assuming Ne, that would be ENTP) and I could see Link as an ISFJ, he seems quite grounded in reality.
    Rhett as a 3, I could see. Unsure about Link's enneagram.
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