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    That.. is a loaded question * -*

    I've noticed something really fascinating happens between different sensory inputs, the mind makes all kinds of associations among them. Certain tunes may remind me of certain visuals or flavours or even specific/ambiguous memories. For example, i started exploring a new genre of music some time ago and at the time, i was using a particular hand wash with a distinct scent. Whenever i use it now, i'm reminded not just of the music itself, but the overall "vibe" or feel of it and how i felt when i first started listening to it. And that's an association between two solid things still, things that were experienced first hand- audio and olfactory; often there's associations between things which aren't even connected in the real world. Since childhood i've always seen the subject English as red and Math as blue for some reason, and it's weird and happens rarely but to this day, i sometimes mistakenly say "red" instead of the word "english".
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    I listen to radio alot due to driving a lot. But it's sort of just in the background.

    Pop music, etc, generally doesn't do much for me. Occasionally a catchy song comes along that I like, but generally radio in The Netherlands is all crap. There's no station that really plays any fringe music or stuff you'd normally never hear.

    But sometimes songs come along that I can really 'glide' into listening to while driving, for example.


    But it is pretty rare for me to really get into pop music.

    When I listen to music at home it is usually movie music, epic scores, etc. Stuff that get my creative juices flowing experiencing new worlds and great empowering scenes. Usually I put on some mix from youtube, not knowing what songs will be in them. But of course often you do hear the same songs. But that's fine.

    I can really get into stuff like

    Aside from that, occasionally I stumble into songs that I momentarily really get into and just put on repeat while zoning out. Usually end up never listening to them again after, haha.

    And sometimes I find a song that I shouldn't like as much as I do as well, for example I stumbled on this one couple of weeks ago.

    Normally I wouldn't really get into such a song, but for some reason I get goosebumps everytime I listen to it. Well, it's probably to do with amazing artists delivering an awesome performance. That timed cheer too though. Oof.

    And lastly I enjoy weird stuff as well occasionally, for example while we are on the subject of woodkid...

    It's weirdly awesome.

    Also, I relate to the lyrics of this song a whole lot, so occasionally I end up just listening to it and have been going back to it for years. It's a very Si song.

    In fact now that I think about it, my experiences with music seems to have to do a lot with tertiary Si.
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    I've a kind of synesthesia, so it really depends on the music, the setting and my mood, but music can be experienced in any number of ways for me, There's often a nebulous spectral quality to music that I can experience through a few senses. Classical guitar is like the spring rain on parched soil in an oppressive heat. Heavy base lines are like when logs break in a bon fire, a shower of hot sparks filling the dark places; lively pop music can be like a tingle of electricity with the snap of a kind of citrus ozone. Chillstep is like colored snakes that swim through the air. Sad country songs taste like cheap beer and expensive sweet dreams pawned for the copper of dirty pennies. Things like that.
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    Personally for me I tend to link emotions and landscapes with my musical taste. Like for instance each song has a unique landscape and emotional feeling for me. Like for instance 19/2000 by Gorrilaz conjures up a city filled with nightclubs with cars street racing everywhere and everyone is wearing fashionable wear which makes me feel awe.

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