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    Default High Fidelity captured the snob’s—and the soundtrack’s—waning powers

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    I can relate. But when it comes to music snobbery, I know there are people who are way more knowledgeable than me, especially after lurking through a few music sites. People really know their shit and can get pretty fired up even on record pressings. I don't really listen to many soundtracks though. Maybe it's a generation thing, but I mainly find everything I listen to online and either through research or randomly through YouTube. I only subscribe to a few music critics and record collectors, but still prefer to make my own discoveries. Admittedly, I did find some interesting gems through other people that I would otherwise have never found on my own.

    The internet makes it easily accessible for the average Joe to find anything nowadays. It all comes down to whether someone is open and curious enough about music in general. So yeah, anyone can be "that kind" of music snob if they really put their mind to it. :p It doesn't take as much work as it used to.

    I also found a few bands from this film. Stiff Little Fingers and The Beta Band come to mind, but admittedly I don't listen to them in depth.
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    Once the article devolved into music snobbery “band names I’ve never heard of” I fizzled out in reading it, but I enjoyed the early analysis of the movie. Always loved that film, but never thought too hard about it. I think it’s a trait of the young, or as the article calls it “the immature,” to form an early identity for yourself based not on who you are or what you want (because it takes time to figure that stuff out), but rather what you like: bands, brands, and premade stereotypes. It’s always been the most difficult gap for me in connecting with young people. At a certain point brand loyalty and taking music seriously just feels too childish to even pretend to care.

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