I remember the official PS2 magazine running polls and write in competitions about what films from the eighties would make great video games shortly before The Warriors became a video game, I had that game and absolutely loved it, despite some of its flaws, it was a good game if you could bare with it and it did really well at being both its
own game and a faithful adaptation of the movie too.

What other games have made the cross over from film land to games, I hear a lot of good things about a recent release of Ghostbusters on X Box but its not really my thing to play modern games, I'm on a permanent nostalgia trip, and more importantly what would have been great or would have had all the makings of a great game but never made it to games from the big screen?

I think that Escape from New York would have been a fantastic game and could have been a sort of sandbox, free roaming game like the GTA series.