Homer Simpson: He is one of those characters that you see in real-life. He is one of those people who want to enjoy the little things in life and have fun. He is very talented and is kind of smart,he cannot be taken so seriously at times. His emotional immaturity and naive has led him to rushed his life and ruined both his and marge's life
Marge Simpson: While a lot more sensible than Homer Simpson, she potential to really make it in life.She has a lot of ambitions, however her emotional immaturity and being in a bubble has led her to rush her life instead of taking her time and enjoying her life. Now she stuck with 3 crazy kids and a loser of a husband. It shows,
Bart;He has street smarts he has talent such as playing guitar,being an actor and all other gifts. Him not taking life as serious and not thinking too much about the future and not knowing when to chill out has caused his future to look bad and dating a bunch of crazy girls.
Lisa: She is very intelligent and can be taken very seriously as opposed to bart. She plays saxophone and she stands for truth and justice. However her narcissistic tendencies has led her to do some wtf things. She has the ego size of Kansas. No dude want to date her she is too smart for her own good and too dominieering. She is pretty underhanded.

One critique for this show is that at times it can be very sexist.