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It’s true.

He also believes that the illuminati are real abd behind the death of every famous black person. That’s too much man.

He does have some really funny material though.
Is that the illuminati that's really the jewish banking cabal? Or the illuminati that were the templars? Or the illuminati who are an off shoot of the masonic lodges and free masons? Or the illuminati which were the bad guys in every iteration of assassin's creed? Or the illumanti which are a false flag for the CIA/NSA/KGB?

I think the idea's stupid, it just makes money for the conspiracy theorists who can sell it to people who want a convenient peg to hang everything on, whatever the everything happens to be, its as bad as the anti-semitism which was its precursor with the protocols stuff.

There probably are elites who act elitish and establishments who dont want people muscling in and all of that but that's something other than all these guys have it planned at their country clubs, some of them would maybe like to run things like that, even try but inevitably some one of them does too much blow or develops a drink problem or something mundane like that, even the USSR couldnt survive more than a couple of changes of the guard before it fell apart.