These guys do a lot of very good documentaries on what is the difference between the adaptation movies and the source material, like fight club is another of their videos, but I wanted to talk about Alan Moore's material, they have a video on Watchmen but I like this one (plus I watched it this morning).

What does anyone think of the divergence between Moore's writing and the films? Can you understand why Moore doesnt like what hollywood does with his material or do you think that he's exaggerating things a bit at the same time as he no doubt gets royalties from it? What do you think about the narrators suggesting that the book and the film are so different as to make any fair comparison between the two impossible?

That is something I actually like because I think that films are increasingly like an "inspired by" or "loosely based upon" than attempts at adaptations, which I understood were necessary originally for what it was possible to produce on film, time and legal rights.