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    Quote Originally Posted by htb View Post
    You've got to give credit to Spielberg and Lucas for ensuring that the message isn't lost in translation.

    The title is redolent of The Temple of Doom, which would worry me but for the screenwriters responsible for the second film having nothing to do with this production.
    Ah, that doesn't bother me. The title is just part and parcel of the pulpy matinee serials ethos that the series is based on.

    And movie makeup be damned...that old effer really does look like that. He must have sold his soul.

    I am so jacked for this movie.

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    Mmm, Indiana Jones. Thanks for the screenshots, baby.

    I just really liked Indy's movies growing up. They were so action-packed and full of unknown adventures that I watched them a million and two times. I was such a movie kid. I just watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom at my friend's house about a week ago, and it reminded me of why I liked it so much as a kid. I really liked The Last Crusade, too. They were all cool.

    I'm always iffy about sequels and ruining a good thing, and the fear is increased by the wide, wide gap between this movie and the last three. But it seems almost hypocritical to be suspicious of a fourth movie when there are already three good ones. Seems like a good run. I have hope, but a small fear.

    What does 'jacked' mean, by the way? Ready to go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mempy View Post

    What does 'jacked' mean, by the way? Ready to go?
    Excited, chomping at the bit, etc.

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    In other words, yes, it pretty much means "ready to go".

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