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    Which of the various incarnations of the Turtles do you think are the best and why? I have to say that kind of treat the cartoon series I watched growing up as canonical, the one which I think credited Fred Wolfe at the end of it, the animation was a different to the iterations afterwards and I think it was one of the few to get the characterisation right (but it still could have done better at that and had more episodes with solo missions or focus, although I think its only lately that cartoons have actually started to do that, like Rick and Morty, some series would focus on favourites like South Park and Cartman or Kenny but I always thought of it as a little different).

    Some of the later iterations I've kind of appreciated for their strangeness, like the one which had all sorts of weird aliens in it, I even saw one lately which was more like Star Trek than TMNT, at least the one I knew, and I like the latest films, pretty much because of the stronger characterisation, though I sort of think that's mainly on Donatello and could just be to do with the rise of the "nerd scientist" as a popular type following the success of Big Bang Theory in profiling that sort of type (in the nineties I thought Michaelangelo's skater/surfer/party animal type was more popular).

    Something I would say too is that I appreciate the saturday morning cartoon turtles that I liked, which was rebranded by censors in the UK as "Hero" Turtles rather than "Ninja" Turtles, were essentially "Turtles Lite" to a lot of people given that the very first comics were much more violent and sinister, itself an apparently more violent imitation of Dare Devil (some of the history and online discussions of that are pretty cool), or if you go down the avenue of the Role Playing Game "Teenage Mutant Turtles and Other Strangeness", which was like the vampire masquerade or werewolf games which may have inspired the Underworld Franchise, its all set in a crazy mixed up futuristic mad max iteration. Those things are cool but they're not my personal best (I never really got used to the idea of Raph or Leo with an AK-47).
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    gorwing up I enjoyed the old Rob Paulson ninja turtles in the 80's but nostalgia doesnt work well for me so going back to watch them, I just cant enjoy them, they havent aged well for me.

    I do like the Nickelodeon Teenage mutant ninja turtles. They seem to have pretty good arcs.
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