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    Default Does anyone play cards?

    What's your favourite card game? Do you play for money? If you do do you play friends or do you play professional or play in a casino or online gambling?

    Its something I'm interested in and also Poker math, I'm interested in that too, probability was my favourite topic in maths at school because of its relationship to games of chance or fortune.
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    I played euchre a lot with friends in high school. In college I played small money poker with friends. This was right before and during the the big poker craze in the early noughties. At some point I even picked up the Doyle Brunson poker book. I never read the book and my interest decreased after a while. I only played online poker for money for one weekend. At the end of the weekend I realized it was a huge waste of time (for me) and decided to just quickly find a fish and put it all in. Within 20 minutes of that decision I doubled my money and cashed out in the black never to play online again. I do occasionally download a casino game ap and play a little for free, but haven't done that for a year or so I think. Eventually, those mostly make me depressed at the fact that people actually pay real money for worthless chips.
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    No Limit Texas Hold 'Em and Blackjack/21 are both fun games to kill time with, but I have never played either of them for money. I bought the Expekt Poker Academy software for PC some 10 years ago, and that was very informative showing the odds of each possible turnout while you actually play the game against AI-players. I mostly play over the Internet on my smartphone now (for free).

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