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    But I do want to post the question: What about the art that has taught us about our history?

    One of my friends is teaching his art class tomorrow about how they can get a theory on if cavemen could use things like astrology back then based on cave paintings.

    I know there are plenty more examples, art of the past can give us a window into what our history was like, providing education and blahblahblah.

    If art ONLY did that much, wouldn't it be worth all the stuff that seems useless now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    But I do want to post the question: What about the art that has taught us about our history?
    Do hieroglyphics count ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by placebo View Post
    What is the importance of art in your opinion? Whether it be in general or personally?

    I ask this because this morning my sister said "I don't care about arts" in regards to recent cuts in arts programs by our PM here in Canada. I was mortally offended inside, but all I managed to say was something as lame as "well if you get rid of all the arts in the world you'd see how important it is."

    Well, anyway. What would you respond?

    How much does art matter to you, or does it at all?
    What is the use of art?
    I would have told her that she was missing out on a lot of interesting things. I would have asked her if she liked music, the decorations in her house, the way her house was designed, her pretty clothes, the way her car looks and told her that those are all part of the arts. Someone made them, and in the process of making them they exercised some amount of creativity and fused into it some part of themselves (whether they were aware of it or not). Because that's what art is, to me anyway.

    For me, it's very important. All kinds of art are important, even the stuff I personally think is nonsensical junk. I realise I think that because I don't understand the premise behind the artwork.

    Really, I couldn't begin to explain what I think the point of art is. I think it's a very human thing and most people are driven to create something. I'm not sure why, though.
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    This is a paragraph from The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker that provides an interesting theory to why people desire to create art.

    The key to the creative type is that he is separated out of the common pool of shared meanings. There is something in his life experience that makes him take in the world as a problem; as a result he has to make personal sense out of it. This holds true for all creative people to a greater or lesser extent, but it is especially obvious with the artist. Existence becomes a problem that needs an ideal answer; but when you no longer accept the collective solution to the problem of existence, then you must fashion your own. The work of art is, then, the ideal answer of the creative type to the problem of existence as he takes it in—not only the existence of the external world, but especially his own: who he is as a painfully separate person with nothing shared to lean on. He has to answer to the burden of his extreme individuation, his so painful isolation. He wants to know how to earn immortality as a result of his own unique gifts. His creative work is at the same time the expression of his heroism and the justification of it. It is his “private religion”—as Rank put it. Its uniqueness gives him personal immortality; it is his own “beyond” and not that of others.

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    I think art is really important, but I don't think the government needs their grubby hands on it.
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