It was an MMO created by Disney geared towards kids. You used to have to pay a membership to play beyond the demo or whatever, so I never went that far.

Well it shut down and Toontown Rewritten has come in its place as a free remake of it. Anyone want to play with me? I have a 54 laff toon named Princess Consuela Bananahammock. Gameplay is easy to pick up and I don't mind either starting over (you can have multiple toons per acct) or helping out with my higher level toon.

The website is here: Welcome | Toontown Rewritten. It works on Win, Mac, and Linux, and does not need high system specs to play (considering it's an old game).

I am not affiliated with this game in any way, just find it fun to relive something from years ago!

Edit: Oh! Almost forgot, there is a subreddit and Discord server too if anyone is interested.