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    Default Your Anime Top Five...

    So I've been inspired to do an Anime top Five thread. I hope everyone's enjoys it, and maybe even find some new favorite animes along the way.
    Feel free to include some of why if you like ^_^

    To begin My top five (currently) In no particular order:
    Black Butler -- There's so much of what I love in here, It can be a little sad, but in its own way it's a beautiful sadness. Who doesn't want to be a Demon Butler?
    Fruits Basket -- This was the first anime I wastched with my ISFJ.
    Shōnen Maid -- This show is essentially My ISFJ and I in anime for.
    Inuyasha -- IT's a feudal fairy tale ^_^
    Cowboy Bebop -- The music. The the aesthetic, the story, but Oh God the Music. ^_^

    Wow it's tough to only list five -_-
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    Lord. I dunno if there's an ultimate top 5 for me.. but I guess if I'm picking, it's the ones that reached out to me as a kid and got me into the genre at all.

    - Sailor moon and pokemon.. one of the first ones I ever saw. SM came first and I'll always nerd out to it, but I'm... more proud to have watched pokemon. If that makes any sense. Haha. Sailor moon is a bit dated, I can still get down on old pokemon epsiodes. SM is strictly manga only for me now.
    - Yuyu Hakusho and Dragonball Z have a tie here.. I watched both pretty religiously, they were the shows that came around the same time and had me kicking and powering up in pretend battles outside, throwing pretend fireballs everywhere.
    - Outlaw star, the first one that touched my emotions.
    - Trigun, which I can never watch again for the ONE episode. ;_;
    - Cowboy Bebop.. the first anime that showed me how adult and dark anime can be.. it never talks down to anyone, catchy enough for many ages.. it made me excited about growing up, and scared of it, all at once. And I actually learned a few life lessons I carry with me to this day.

    Honorable mentions: Hellsing. We were all so obsessed with the style of it, the music, and all that.. I wasn't nearly as into it as the ones above, but still loved it.
    Gundam Wing. I liked Heero Yui, and it's a bit dated now-a-days, but I still jam out to "communication" and I had a gunham wing birthday cake as a kid once so... I was pretty into it. But that being said, the mecca genre never was my thing. It was the characters I liked.
    Princess Mononoke. The gravity of that movie is felt every time I watch it. The pacing is perfect. The animation is stunning. Everything about it represents what Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are able to do. Totoro was cute and timeless, but it never grabbed my attention. This did. There was no right answer, no black and white, and it left a lot of questions unanswered (such as it is in real life.. there to figure out for one's self)... To capture the majesty of Japanese Culture in so many ways is not such an easy thing to do.
    Fake.. a manga not a show, but it exposed me to homosexuality in a very positive way. I'm fairly sure if it were not for me trying to find smutty stuff to read as a young tween/teen and mistaking one of the guys for a girl initially, my very first encounter with homosexuality would have been a negative one (a famous story for another time).. to have something so positive and 'who cares' and 'let love live' was a good influence on me. In fact, Anime has exposed me to so many controversial concepts long before I encountered them in reality.. trans, sexually ambiguous and non-binary types, bisexuality, etc. Growing up in conservative Texas, it got me some pretty wide perspectives of these subjects. As sexist and silly as anime is some aspects... it's got some things going good for it too.
    Rurouni Kenshin.. Never watched this one to completion actually, so I can't say it's a major influence on me as a kid, but it made me fall in love with swords. I've never looked back.
    Inuyasha... I never was a huge fan of this one, but it was one my sisters would watch with me. We'd argue semantics about this can kick that person's ass, who should get the girl, etc. It moved far too slow, and so many fillers I literally forgot that they were hunting shards of a gem for quite a while in the series. But the intro/outros were beautiful, and it had some nice visuals for sure as well as some good exposure to Japanese culture in some aspects. It wasn't a bad way to fill the time at all.

    ... The 5 I am currently watching:
    - SAO started out amazing, and super great.. turned out aaaallllright at the end (ending of SAO1 was meh.. could have wrapped up then.. and it got very silly very quickly... but still tolerable to the end. SAO2 is garbage so far.)
    - Attack on Titan... the music, the action, the realness of the misery this place has is palpable. I think it gets a biiit melodramatic at times, but... in its own context, that's perfectly okay. I'd be so melodramatic if that's what I was living as my reality.
    I recently finished both of those.
    - Rosario and Vampire.. a gaaarbage show that's a parody of all these harem shows... I find it mindlessly entertaining. Funny enough to watch, not much to care about.
    - Your lie in April.. I cried. I dislike shows that make me cry. But it was bittersweet, and visually stunning. A little slow moving, but still good.
    - Currently trying to get my hands on One Punch Man, and waiting eagerly to watch Your Name.
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