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    Default Pick Your Top 3 Favorite Shows. And Explain Why

    Okay I will go first to start things off.

    1) Game Of Thrones. Okay I know this is like the most cliché favorite show ever. But it really just is that good, I think they have like a 25 Million Dollar per episode budget or some crazy amount of money like that. It might be 10 Million it might be 30 Million I dont remember exactly but the show is just so damn interesting and it has a really good story line.

    2) The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. Okay so I am pretty sure none of you have even heard of this one, maybe a few of you have. But this show is so freaking funny like honestly don't watch this if you don't want to break 1 or 2 ribs cause you will laugh that hard it has great humor and honestly is just really funny. This might just funny to other people with a similar type though.

    3) Community. I don't like this one as much as the other ones but it is a pretty good comedy not much to really say about it. It has Donald Glover so maybe if you are into rap that could be interesting.

    Alright thought this might be a fun post, I said to explain why but I did not even really explain that well so you don't have to explain if you don't want to. I suck at explaining but whatever haha alright have fun fellas and fellets

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    Hi @AveryFB, what a fun thread topic I wish you much luck ^_^

    In no particular order...
    Community. What a fun show. I love the aesthetic, the characters, Paintball ^_^ meow-moew beans, blanket forts, I wish I could go to greendale...
    It's always funny in Philadelphia. Okay it's a pretty dark sow, but you guys, like I know people like this, I've had some really fun party times with them. Life before ISFJ was very different.
    Doctor Who. I first saw Dr. Who just as I was getting out of the military when Sci-fi started the new series with Christopher Eccleston. As I saw it It was a show about a man coping with a traumatic even for which he partially blamed himself, learning to live again and rediscover his passions with comapnions who would help him overcome his past rather than be destroyed by it. I kinda felt like I got to grow along with the character as the show progressed.

    So that's pretty much my top three right now. It changes all the time. ^_^

    With All Due Respect,

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