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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    There has to be 5 or 6 INTJs on this forum with anime avatars. There is a definite correlation that has to do with type.
    Perhaps its the INTJs desire to fit in at work here. There once was a catalyst INTJ with an anime avatar, and others have followed suit. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Flak View Post
    Perhaps its the INTJs desire to fit in at work here. There once was a catalyst INTJ with an anime avatar, and others have followed suit. :P
    So what do you INTJ poser-tards have to say about this?

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    mm . . . my guess is it's just INTJ's unexpected open-mindedness: most of us are willing to give just about anything at least one chance, and if the first anime we're exposed to happens to be one of the better ones then we'll probably try watching a few more.

    Same goes for any other activity / artform.

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    Hey, created an account just to answer this question.

    I am a textbook INTJ, and I became interested in anime about 2 years ago after watching Death Note. It was the ultimate game of chess, an almost perfect show. Since then I've tried out several different anime and I find that I only like the ones with intricately wound story lines and with some brilliant main characters. INTJs tend to gravitate towards people with idealistic mindsets which makes anime a good outlet to continue their overthought existence in a recreational way.

    I once heard that Japan has a lot of INTJ leaders as well, but I just did some research and they have one of the lowest number of INTJs in the world so there's likely no correlation.

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    Well stereotypical INTJs like chess and there are chess metaphors in every other anime, so maybe the chess attracts them.

    That's really all I have. But really anime creators need to chill with all the chess. It's overdone, and I still don't know how to play despite watching it.
    "Avoid getting too preoccupied thinking about what you’re going to do, to actually do it."
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    Well shit this is over two years late but there is just so much to anime that it hurts, and I do think anime can appeal to people's cognitive functions. For example a lot of Se users I know who watch anime love watching shounen anime's with a lot of action and stimulation, Ni users usually dive deep into more abstract concepts of the anime world and go into very deep psychological pieces. Ne users usually fall in love with anime because of all the possibilities the world has, with its abstractness and unique concepts. Most anime fans I know are Ne dominant or auxillary, and from what I've seen in my life is that Ne dom or aux users are usually way more open minded than Ni users, they're just so much more open.

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    The anime craze is so weird to me.

    I've seen a couple of anime that were very original and well made and I had a great time watching, but for me for each good anime, there are 50 bad ones. But there's this supercraze of certain people that somehow every anime must be enjoyable and it's all super good. Like what the heck?

    This season I'm following Youjo Senki. 40 year old salary man reincarnated by jealous god into the body of a young girl fighting wars in a parralel world. Yeah it's over the top, but who doesn't like a ruthless and evil 10 year old girl murdering armies.

    But that's anime for me though, sometimes there's original or funny ideas with pretty decent character development at least to the point I enjoy wasting my time on it, but most of the time its just "what is this shit!?".
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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