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    This one looks funny. I agree about "No Country For Old Men". I hated it.
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay one invincible summer."
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    Probably the funniest movie I've ever seen.
    It seems like it was, accidental or not (probably accidental but it works), a good satire of how peoples' usually absurd plans are taken way more seriously by, not only by themselves but everyone around them.

    I couldn't help laughing my dick off the whole time at Chad.

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    Burn After Reading was ok...kinda funny, kinda ehhh... The ending was funny, but only because everything ended up being a complete, hot, mess. It was absurd in an oddly funny way. Brad Pitt's part was enjoyable to watch.

    I just watched No Country for Old Men for the first time recently, and I really didn't like it either. The killer seemed a little far-fetched for me, there was no resolution at the end...which I'm SJ...I like resolution. Throughout the whole movie I just REALLY wanted that stupid cow-killer-air-powered thing to just not work...just once! C'mon, he was a one-trick pony. Ugh, I found it to be such a frustrating movie to watch.

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