I always really wanted to be awesome like the season 1 characters. It's a good non-metaphor-y thing, the crests, I always thought. By being chosen, your mind is on that quality in your life, so you can improve and be stronger.

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which movies?

I have Digimon: The Movie on tape

the first half is awesome.
I own it on tape too. But actually, the contents of that video are actually the 1st 3 Digimon TV movies edited together (both season 1 movies and 1 of the 2 season 2 movies). (The 1st movie being the "pilot" of sorts for the series that led to it being picked up as a series.)

1. "Digimon Adventure": Heighton View Terrace (Tai, Kari and the original non-talking giant Agumon)
2. "Our War Game": takes place after season 1 - the internet virus Digimon: Diaboromon
3. "Hurricane Touchdown": TK and Kari go to America and meet Willis, the boy with two Digimon

They edited about 40 minutes of content from these 3 movies, so if you're a fan, it could be worth checking out a subbed version on the internets. (I'm not at home right now, so I'll dig up the links and add them into this post later.) The first movie is particularly touching.