This apparently aired on Starz last year (?); it was a reality show about various tasks involved in developing/producing a movie, and there had been voting by viewers on which of two movies should be selected as winner. Both movies actually started from the same script, although I suspect each movie only cannibalized some lines of dialogue (possibly) + certain general events and broad plot of the original script.

The most notorious thing about the show is that Zachary Quinto (an executive producer for the show) felt that the voting was unbalanced (the director who won has a 12-million-subscriber base on YouTube and the other director had nothing even close to that) and also that, from a technical perspective, the non-winning movie was actually better. He also did not happen to appreciate the humor of Shane Dawson (the director of the winner, "Not Cool") and that it wasn't funny at all.

Both movies are still available on streaming sites. I'll include the links here that I am using, in case anyone is interested in watching them. i think it's worthwhile to watch both, to see how each director took the script and made it their own. If you do watch them, what do you think? Is Quinto right? Have a preference for either? Etc.


"Not Cool" (Shane Dawson)

my thoughts:


"Hollidaysburg" (Anna Martemucci)

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