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    Default Björk - Vulnicura (2015)

    Who else has listened to the new Björk album? It wasn't supposed to be released until March, but a very unfortunately leak forced her to release it way ahead of schedule. I feel pain for her for having to deal with that. It's profoundly unfair to the artist and their creative process. Further, considering the deeply personal nature of this album for her, one of the most emotionally vulernable ones yet, I can only imagine how this must have felt.

    Vulnicura tells a tale of heartbreak as she recently broke up with her long time partner Matthew Barney. Pitchfork released an interview recently with Björk and it details how deep of an experience this was for her. If you are interested in her music, I really suggest reading the interview. It's well known that Björk is a very emotional person, but this interview shows to me how deep it is, and how scrupulously moral and honest she is across the board. What a wonderful, beautiful person. I haven't felt this deeply for an artist before. Just seeing and hearing what she went through, and her internal struggle with how to even deal with it and share it is heartbreaking and makes me wish there was something I could to do help and heal it.

    The album is introverted, unique, and flawlessly produced. There's several standout tracks. The biggest one is Black Lake, which is over 10 minutes long. She worked closely with Arca, and The Haxan Cloak. Two recent artists who have come to high prominence in the past several years. Thoughts? Discuss.

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    Haven't heard it yet, but I was super excited when I heard it was coming out. I keep meaning to look deeper into this album but I haven't!

    Will report back soon. @Hard I hope we get to listen to music together one day.
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    Looking forward to this. I'm not sure what to group it as, but I like music similar to this like fever ray or gazelle twin. Very otherworldly and refreshing.

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