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    Default Stephen King's "The Stand"

    The big news here is the possibility of Matthew McConaughey playing Randall Flagg. That kind of scares the shit out of me (in a good way).

    We've known for a while that director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) is adapting Stephen King's The Stand for the silver screen, and that it would probably take more than one film to tell the book's massive tale. In fact, it's going to take four movies. There is a bigger discussion to be had about what this means for Stephen King films moving forward.

    The Stand is perhaps best known as King's magnum opus, although you might get some pushback from big fans of his Dark Tower series.... Whether Warner Bros knows this or not, Randall Flagg is the key to a larger Stephen King cinematic universe. If the studio ever wanted a chance to create a franchise out of something that wasn't based on a comic book or young adult novel, Warner Bros would do well to take full advantage of a character like Randall Flagg. It's lining up Matthew McConaughey to play Randall Flagg, which is a good indication that it means to really hit home with this character and perhaps introduce us to a larger universe where he plays a pivotal role.

    A Stephen King movie universe: Warner Bros' big opportunity? | Den of Geek
    Also, of course, they're actually considering breaking it into a few parts... which for a 1000 page book makes sense. They won't need to be making up filler material a la The Hobbit; and as the miniseries showed, more room to actually evoke the drama inherent in the story would be a positive.
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    oh whoa i can see him as flagg. i'll be interested to see this.
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