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    Default iamamiwhoami - Shadowshow (one of the most innovative bands of our time)

    My most beloved band, iamamiwhoami, has completed the release of their third album and project, Blue. It ends with the track Shadowshow, the song that they began with.

    Shadowshow is the first song ever imagined by iamamiwhoami 5 years ago when the band was in its infancy and still not known to the public yet. It symbolizes a closing of a loop, the ending of a cycle. It was first heard as "." during "; in concert" in 2010 but only on as a basic song on an old midipiano. Fans have wanted to hear the song fully fleshed out since, and it was preformed in live concerts in subsequent years. Finally, Jonna Lee (the main figure of iamamiwhoami) has brought it to light. The song is dark, mirroring the lyrics, and the video to go with it is visually stunning. She did it somewhat due to pressure, she doesn't outwardly state it (it's only done through song, and very very minimally through interview), but Blue shows it. It's both beautiful and saddening to see how seriously she feels towards her fans, the good and the bad.

    What most important though is the symbolism. The entire Blue project has actually been an ongoing conversation. The WAVE collective (all of the individuals involved in the Blue project) worked and created each video in semi-real time as fans responded to it. It was realized that the shadow black figures in the videos actually represent the fans, and Jonna is much of the time singing about them, and her relation to them. To her, she sees her band as much more. It's an entire multimedia project that is to be fully immersed in. ; in concert brought a fan into the concert itself and (acted of course) was ritualisticly sacrificed to tie up BOUNTY (the first project). Their dedication towards their art is immense, and done in a way I have not seen anywhere else.

    Shadowshow speaks of power and journey through the unknown. It's uncontrolled, terrifying, all consuming, unavoidable, beautiful, and damning. They will wield it, you will wield it, and it will either create or destroy. We all have it. They show and speak of their relation to themselves as a band, their relation to us, and how everything ultimately goes to the same goal whether or not it's known "Is this how it goes? It's how it goes.". The ending of this shows us that ultimately, she control us, we do not control her (despite what we might have thought through previous songs). You can see it in her expression as "we" enter the water just as we're told. No one owns her, she is her own.

    I am sharing this because this band and project is truly one of the most meaningful things in my life. It's a bright area that few other things meet. It brings happiness, wonder, and years ago was essential for helping me through a rather low point in my life. I am not good with flowery words and displays of feeling in this regard so I regret that I'll never fully get my point across. Regardless, I think they are one of the most innovative artistic projects to date unparalleled by very few. Without further ado: Shadowshow.

    Lyrics -

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