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    I can not stand Tina. She is annoying as hell.

    Though I adore Louise and Linda (most of the time), so I can enjoy the show now and then.
    Me too, Louise is my hero, and Linda is great.

    I don't dislike Tina but I do find her to be kind of a drip despite her crazy fantasy life, I don't relate to her. Eugene actually was my least favorite at first because the toilet humor is just dumb, but he provides a kind of silly "dumb child" relief role. Bob's Burgers in its assortment of characters actually follows the Hollywood Formula.

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    I remember when Opal used to use Tina as his pic.

    I always found characters like her to be really badass because they do whatever they want, impervious to the ever-shifting pulses around them. She just seems really cool that way.
    We like to half-jokingly say I'm Tina, my brother is Gene, and my sister is Louise.

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