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    Led Zeppelin, Gun N' Roses, Thin Lizzy, Johnny Cash, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, Aretha Franklin, etc.

    Musical Theatre, "Contemporary" Christian, oldies (40's-60's).

    I'd say I can see myself a bit in the mixture of the two.
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    My parents taste in music didn't influence my taste much.

    My parents used to listen to classical music and the wailings of a mad woman and some other chick. When I was 7 years old, they purchased a classical music collection for me and I listened to Tchaikovsky (mother's favourite) so much that I damaged the cassette.

    I then listened to pop music until I was about 15 years old when my indie friends introduced me to indie bands (The Strokes, Babyshambles, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc.). Ever since then I've listened mostly to indie artists and instrumental music.

    I don't come from a family that appreciates music a lot, most of our road trips were filled with the sound of the news.
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    my dad loves classical and classical piano music especially, though he mostly listens to public radio instead... set up my old cell phone to play science podcasts for him and he's delighted

    my mom always listened to john denver, peter paul and mary, bread and the carpenters while I was growing up... she still does, but has also added to her repertoire thanks to pandora and now has an appreciation of all of the hair bands she missed in the 80s

    we lived out far enough that you couldn't get all that many stations on the radio and most of those were country, which I had no desire to listen to, so I mostly listened to things like the talking heads and madonna and such until nirvana came about... then nirvana and pearl jam and co. after that I ended up spending most of high school listening to red hot chili peppers, rage against the machine and sublime

    as I get older I keep my fondness for the bands of my youth with more punk added in and a good deal of classical... along with anything else that catches my fancy
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    My mother listened to the pop rock station, so I was raised on 70s rock music and the top 40. My dad listened to country music and old timey western music. We also had a lot of these around:

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    My mom listened to Motown, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Kenny Rogers, and Barry Manilow. I definitely adopted the first three, not so much the latter two. I used Motown to jump into soul, which I love but my mom can take or leave.

    My dad might be the only person I've ever met who doesn't really like music very much. He has Abba "Gold", a Perry Como Christmas album, and will listen to my mom's stuff but doesn't really love it. Very odd.
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    My mother liked The Cars, Billy Idol, and Michael Jackson. She's a 4w3 and actually hand drew and recreated this album cover: https://a2mcdermottj.files.wordpress.../oeppamjt2.jpg

    My father The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream and Led Zeppelin. Actually at one point I am pretty sure he had every Beatles album ever made and ended up losing his collection in a move and periodically feels a sense of disbelief in losing them all and is convinced someone stole them.
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    When I was growing up, my parents listened almost exclusively to Country music, which I rarely found better than tolerable and still do not particularly enjoy (my overall attitude toward it is neutral; Country music has either improved or I've become more capable of appreciating it). I think it influenced my taste in music in the loose sense that everything I hear tells me a little more about what I do and don't like.
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