'I Would Watch It Every Day': Allison Williams Dreamed of Being Peter Pan - NBC News

My wife and I were channel surfing the other night when my wife stopped at some odd-looking stage production of Peter Pan. I realize it's getting closer to Christmas and so seeing this sort of thing on tv was not entirely unexpected. But I asked my wife why she stopped on this channel and she said, "I want to see Peter Pan."

Pirates singing on a ship, holding children captive, making them "walk the plank." Peter Pan appears. Soon after, my wife changes the channel again. I asked her why she changed it, and she said, "Because it's boring me out."

Boring her out?

I told her the comment she made about the show was better than the production itself.

I give the show 1 out of 5 stars, while my wife's impromptu review gets 5 out of 5.