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    Default Exodus: Gods and Kings

    It doesn't release here until next Friday, so I haven't seen it yet.

    I've had reservations about it since I first saw trailers some months ago. I mean, do I really want to watch another Christian Bale action pic, this one based on a Bible story that has been converted into an action picture? And the trailers just seemed like posturing and battle noise to me. Still, it was Ridley Scott directing; the guy sometimes directs some pretty awesome movies, which can include decent action sequences as well as solid performances (and of course Thelma and Louise is a dramatic classic). And of course, it's kind of part of the 2014 "God sweep" where Aronofsky puts out Noah earlier + others released a slew of mostly lousy Xian-made propaganda pics, so I was interested to see how this caps that year. "Noah" wasn't Aronofsky's best movie, but I thought it was great to see a Biblical story TRULY reinterpreted versus what typically happens... he took some chances, some things panned out, some things didn't, okay...

    I've seen Scott Mendelson's writing before and he's at least articulate and thought-provoking, so I was curious to see his review here... he basically pans this movie. You can read the in-depth review from the link, there's mainly just one "spoiler quality" detail regarding the casting of one of the important characters that isn't obvious from the marketing... the rest is non-spoilerish.

    Review: 'Exodus' Is God-Awful - Forbes

    TBH, despite its "production by religious committee" and target of more general audiences, "The Prince of Egypt" -- which starred Kilmer (Moses) and Fiennes (Ramses) -- is a movie I'm kind of a fan of. It was a pretty smart move to focus on the bond between Moses and Ramses, and in that telling it's so clear they have real affection for each other... that then shifts into this kind of love-hate relationship (even if filtered through "The Road to El Dorado" mindset). The songs (written by Stephen Schwartz, who a few years later REALLY made a splash as the writer/composer for Wicked) were just totally on-target, and the Plagues really captures the pain existing between the two brothers. I mention it here because Mendelson says it's easily a better movie overall.

    Anyway... still waiting to see what else is said, but so far.... not exactly stellar.

    EDIT: Oh, RT has it at 43% with 28 reviews so far. And it has a week before opening. Yikes.
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    Looked liked some crappy CGI from the trailers. I had a feeling it was going to be a bust before the reviews even hit. I haven't and don't plan on seeing it. Not really sure why Bale accepted the role. Maybe the vision was better than the execution.

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