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Thread: Excision (Film)

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    Default Excision (Film)

    Excision is a tastefully-done psychological horror flick written and directed by Richard Bates, Jr. Perhaps I shouldn't use the term "tastefully" about a movie in which the lead character likes the taste of blood, even going so far as to lick the bloody knife that she used to dissect a dead bird. Eighteen-year-old Pauline loves blood so much that she even has vivid dreams about it from which she wakes up in a state of orgasmic ecstasy. I think she is an ISTP because her speech is very monotonic and intellectual. She definitely has Ti first and is compelled by sensory things, such as - blood. One wonders if Pauline has any feelings at all, but she definitely cries in this movie when she overhears her mother complaining to her father that Pauline is impossible to love.

    Pauline's mother is played by ex-porn star Traci Lords who has apparently stopped spreading her legs for money while avoiding being labeled a prostitute simply because all her paid-for sex was being filmed. I actually thought Lords did a fabulous job as the controlling, hard-to-please mommy stereotype. Daughter Pauline is just the opposite of controlling, she is slovenly, she doesn't care about her looks, she's just plain weird and obviously wired differently from the rest of the family. The aging Traci Lords on the other hand always looks perfect, does everything perfectly, and wants to have the perfect family with exactly 2.3 children. Such very oppositely charged personalities are a recipe for disaster, and of course, being a horror movie, disaster is inevitable.

    This movie has earned an 81% critic rating at Excision - Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty good for a writer/director's first movie effort.
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    drinking blood is a very old pagan ritual. just like orgies and dancing around campfires and offering your own children for sacrifice. Drinking blood is a sin.

    I remember liking the taste of blood so much when I was a little girl, that I'd suck on any wound I had, even biting my lip until it would seep. My mouth waters even now remembering that hot metallic taste.

    edit: i love really scary psychological thrillers. if i still watched movies, i might check it out.
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