ok, one of the main reasons I got into MBTI and personality study in general was to find a good way to schematize the temper of the charcters of a novel I am writing.
it was quite hard to impersonate them and answer the tests, and therefore the result I got may be shaky..... still, I am going to describe the main ones briefly and I would like to hear what their personality type should be in your opinion. I wrote my idea, but hearing new opinions is never bad.

protagonist: (ISFJ)

he's the inhabitant of a village that gets set on fire at the beginning of the story. all his family dies and he starts a journey in the outer world (he'd always been locked in his village because of his clan's history) to seek for truth and revenge.
during his journey, he realizes he has been burdened with an important task, and puts all his efforts to chase after his lost father.
in the process, he gives up on revenge since he realizes that it would bring nothing.
his temper is generous, naive, quite brave, holds his family and friends very precious and would give his life for them, honest, not prone to complicate thinking, shy and not very talkative with strangers, grows aware of his duty and identity during his journey.

main character 1: (ESTP)

he's the son of the duke of a coastal city, who has ranked up to nobilty thanks to his great commercial power. he's quite a practical person, likes anojoying himself, loves sailing and fishing.
he joins the protagonist when his family gets kidnapped by some pirates and the protagonist offers to help.
once he frees his parents, he receives a precious sword from his father, which was forged in the city from which his family originally cam from, and sets offon a journey to find the truth about his family's history, which his father had never told him.
he is bold, full of stamine, adventure-driven and quite quick tempered. because of his young age, he's also quite immature. during his journey he realizes how cruel the world can be for someone who'd always lived in a comfortable maison and wants to discover more and more about it.

main character 2 (ENTP).

illegittimate daughter of a queen from a faraway land, she has been brought up by the family of one of her mother's best friends, along with the family's son (who becomes her lover).
after the king has chased after her to purge the shame she represents for him, her adoptive family is killed and she leaves in order to run from he pursuer, along with his adoptive brother-lover.
during their journey they fine-tune their surviaval skills, and after having been through a lot of troubles, they settle in a forsaken castle close to a commercial road, from which they rob the by-passing merchants to save up some money in order to let his boyfriend have enough money to buy an armor and join the army.
he's cunny, whimsical, go-getter, decisive, very smart in spite of her lacking education, has very strong sensation that drive her behaviour, making her avoid dangers.
she does not like being a thief but she's set on helping his lover to achieve his dream.
later, his boyfriend gets severely wounded and kidnapped, and she chases after his kidnapper in order to save him.

main character 3 (INTJ)

son of a once powerful clan that has been shunned after a great calamity befell on them, he's now an assassine.
having forgotten his feelings after his soul was stolen, he now works hard in order to track down his sister, who joined a certain secret organization in his place.
he's a very powerful fighter, who works alone and cares little about the one he slays (or at least it looks so on the outside), always ready to make the next step forward reaching his ultimate goal.
he's very cold-blooded and smart, and displays no emotions.
during his journey, he discovers the truth behind his sister's actions and comes to realize how that world really works, just to be overwhelmed by the demon inside him in the end.

main character 4 (ENFJ)

the daughter of the former leader of the biggest rebel's group of the mainland, she has picked up his heritage after all his family has perished in the war.
in spite of her doubtful, charitable nature, she had to restart the war for the sake of her people.
she's a very good leader, full of charisma and charm, who managed to turn the table of the war and achieve victory, just to realize she had been betrayed by her allies.
she is strong-willed (on the outside), believes in justice but prizes mercy, dislikes eccessive violence and is famous throughout the mainland has the strongest enemy of the established law ever.
after her rebellion, despite the good start, fails because of the betrayal of an ally, she realizes that her goal can't just be to fight for her cause, but that she has to cleanse the world from war once for all, even at the price of joining hands with her sworn enemy.

main character 5 (ENFP)

the eldest prince of the biggest kingdom in the mainland, he's a very responsible person.
during his life, he's always worked as embassador, especially in difficult situations, and often got caught up in plots and political machination, which he hands with ease owing to his great ability of conving his interlocutor.
he devoids violence and prefers diplomacy to war, although he's a very capable gunslinger.
later on, his father assings him to the defense force, and during this period he coworks with his younger brother, who's become a soldier.
they meet up with the other because of a misunderstanding that led him and his siblings to fight them.
once that's cleared up, the group joins him in order to chase after main character 4's organization.
once his kingdom falls and he discovers the truth behind that, he joins hands with his former sworn enemy to cleanse the world from the secret organization that caused that mess, and ultimately war.

here they are

I hope you enjoyed them but more than that, I would like your opinion about which type should I tag them. remember, these are not people and the type can be purely stereotypical, I will develop them and obviously these descriptions are oversemplifications, their story is much longer!
ah, as for the relationship between them:

the protagonist gets on well with everyone, especially with mc 3 which becomes his best friend.
main character 1 does not get on well with mc 2, and finds mc 3 bothersome.
main character 3 pretty much hates mc 1, suspects mc 2's true reasons and admires mc 4.
main character 4 has a strong hatred against mc 5, that she overcomes over time.
main character 5 despises mc 4, although he overcomes this over time.