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    Quote Originally Posted by 21% View Post
    After watching Interstellar, I'm feeling a bit thirsty for more space exploration stories. My sci-fi experience is rather limited. Here's what I've read:

    Most of these are okay. I really liked the tone and style of The Demolished Man. Necromancer was atmospherically great. The rest range from ok-ish to a-bit-empty to downright-messy.

    So I must be missing something here.

    Is there a story out there that somewhat meets the following criteria?
    - Ideally a collection of short stories with each dealing with a different planet/star system/galaxy/stretch of space travel, but with the same cast of characters in a non-military setting. Kinda like the crew of Cowboy Bebop but way more science-focused.
    - Heavy space exploration theme -- meaning that they go to different places in each chapter.
    - Relatively stable future for humanity -- preferably no 'impending doom'.
    - Preferably no 'talking' alien races (it's really hard to pull those off well). Enigmatic aliens/beings that are totally imaginative are ok!
    - Preferably no blatant fantasy elements (no dragons, no 'swords' of any sort, no 'magical race', etc.)
    - As scientifically accurate as possible.

    Something like Asimov's short story Old-Fashioned is ideal. I'd love to see the characters travel to different places and speculate on different environments, like maybe a team of scientists looking for a habitable planet, with random little adventures here and there.

    I will sacrifice scientific accuracy for strong characters and a flair for words any day!

    If such a story doesn't exist, could someone write one please?
    Try Poul Anderson's David Falkayn: Star Trader.
    Follow up with his novella Satan's World.

    (A series of short stories about interstellar traders, who get into scrapes on various planets while trying to establish rapport with new civilizations in order to establish lucrative
    trading relations with them. The books contain a good deal of plausible evo-psych applied to the climate/flora/fauna/geography of strange planets and how the evolutionary/developmental consequences affect the cultural approach / mores of the civilizations. The group of three main protagonsists are from different races.)

    Also his Dominic Flandry novels and stories are good.

    Two other short stories -- the most poignant I've ever read -- include "A Tragedy of Errors" and "The Sharing of Flesh".

    Best wishes...!
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    I don't have any for you to read unfortunately.. I'd rather read old-school fantasy usually when it comes to books... BUT!

    The Series Firefly is pretty amazing and has a very bebop like crew and theme (mercs) if you haven't seen it already. There's a movie that rounds it all off, and all is available on Netflix next to all the Star Treks on the shelf. And I think several issues of comic books were released based on the world and theme.
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