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View Poll Results: Which functions do you use, and did you like the film initially?

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  • I use Fi and Te and I wasn't impressed.

    1 14.29%
  • I use Fi and Te and I was impressed.

    2 28.57%
  • I use Ti and Fe and I wasn't impressed.

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  • I use Ti and Fe and I was impressed.

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    Default Is Interstellar a Ti/Fe movie?

    Disclaimer: I loved the film, and found the mixed reviews puzzling. After watching a bunch of reviews I started to notice that introverted feelers were typically the ones criticizing it for surface level inconsistencies (Te) and lack of feeling depth (Fi). So a quick poll-- are you a Ti or Fi user, and did you like or dislike it?

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    I am Ti/Fe (with a bit of Fi and not much Te), and I would say that I was able to enjoy portions of this movie while being frustrated with some inconsistencies in the details and the plot itself + not going as deep emotionally as it could have gone if written better.

    (So I can't even really answer your poll, it's too binary for me.)

    I'd probably give it a 3.5/5, weighted higher because of the topical themes I took away versus the execution which wasn't as good as it might have been. I'd watch it again, as well. But it's not nearly the best Nolan picture out there.

    I could grab what Nolan was trying to accomplish -- the feelings, the aspirations -- and he really was trying to grab something rather ethereal but inspiring... but his execution was faulty. It wasn't the actors, who did the best they could with the material and put out some nice performances. (Caine actually had one of his most nuanced Nolan performances here.) There were just missing links in the logic chain, some logical inconsistencies (or things that came across as inconsistent even if not), some "hail mary" intuitive leaps by characters that seemed forced, and the emotions weren't always earned.


    I started watching Contact (the Director's Cut, which in this case actually is superior to the Theatrical Release, although for some DC's that's not the case) last night again, in comparison, and there's a lot of similarity although it rather deals with like-minded themes from the daughter's POV.

    While some of the dialogue between faith and science could have been less watered down, and there's a little bit of deck-stacking (the investigator played by James Woods, Drumlin the two-faced, etc), the execution of the movie and especially the emotional center is far better. It's clear that Zemeckis is more comfortable with emotion on a purely human level than Nolan (who tends to intellectualize it) is.
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    I don't know how I "use Fe." The emotions I connect to the characters with are personal ones, so that's Fi. If I were to use Fe, filtered through my dominant function, it would come out hateful, denigrating the smarmy, subjective pap that characterizes much of Interstellar because the main character is driven by emotional need. But he has rejected, without him knowing how emotionally intelligent he was, the inhuman aims of the professor. The latter reminds me of those ivory tower eggheads who have done studies to determine how much population will be lost in a nuclear conflict. While the goal is ultimately survival for the human race, the inhuman part involves keeping the whole problem out of touch with emotions and in the realm of statistics, thus reducing humans to numbers.

    Since I don't like the poll choices, I have to be more clear and say Interstellar appeals to the Ti/Fi in me. But since Fi is weaker, I didn't mind the superficiality of the emotional element. Otherwise, it would be another True Lies which is a chick flick disguised as an action movie.
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    Fe//Ti here. I thought it was okay. Enjoyable to a certain extent -- great visuals. The Fe-ness (warm happy-ish ending and all) didn't hurt, but didn't feel extremely profound. The wow factor wasn't there in the science fiction, but it was overall okay. Wasn't extremely impressed but wasn't exactly disappointed either.

    And it inspired me to do some research on various scientific topics, which is great! The only other thing that had ever inspired me in that way was The Cube.
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