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    Quote Originally Posted by Jae Rae View Post
    Olympic gold for the Aussie platform diver. He was fantastic and his reactions and emotions were touching. First, elation at his high score. Then, anxiety as he watched the next diver - he didn't realize he'd already set the bar unbeatably high. Next, happiness as his girlfriend hugged him, saying "Hon, you just won the gold medal." Finally, tears, as it all sank in.
    It was awesome. But not his girlfriend (as Matthew Mitchum is the only openly gay male competing in the Olympics). Not that you would know that from NBC's coverage. :rolli:

    I'm a little sad it's all over, but also a little relieved. 17 days is intense. At least the wait between Summer and Winter Olympics is short (~1.5 years). The wait between Winter and Summer is too long (~2.5 years).

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    Not that anyone else would care, but I figured I would check out Bernard's predictions

    Total Medal Count Predictions vs Actual
    U.S.A prediction-105 actual-110
    China prediction-81 actual-100
    Russia prediction-92 actual-72
    GBR prediction-(Not in top 5) actual-47
    Australia prediction-49 actual-46
    Germany prediction-51 actual-41

    Gold Medal Count Predictions vs. Actual
    China prediction-37 actual-51
    U.S.A. prediction-36 actual-36
    Russia prediction-25 actual-23
    GBR prediction-(not in top 5) actual-19
    Germany prediction-(not in top 5) actual-16
    Australia prediction-16 actual-14
    Korea prediction-(not in top 5) actual-13
    Japan prediction-17 actual-9

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    Interesting. For predictions, they're not too bad.
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    I've been watching the paralympics this morning. Particularly interesting watching the cycling (where as with the able olympics, the GB is rocking in the medals). Quite amazed at this japanese guy who's legs are almost entirely metal and mechanical racing around the track.. not as fast the British guy though

    The british guy lives and works near me.. and trains nearby. Poor guy.. first he damages his brain in a crash... in a coma.. struggles to recover. Then 10 years to the day later he is out delivering milk for a job, trips over a cat on a doorstep.. falls hurts the same part of his brain and ends up with cerebral palsy. Not a very lucky life. Still, great effort in the cycling though, he destroyed the opposition. It's odd.. watching them cycle you'd think they don't have major disabilities, so fast and talented... then afterwards collecting the medal it's all limping and leaning a crutch.

    My heart and admiration goes out to them.

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