Yes, here is some Thundarr love, as part of our "Mourn the loss of saturday morning cartoons" Week.

This was one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood, and I would watch it avidly. Later, as an adult, I could see the influence of Jack Kirby and other comic artists, but at the time I just thought it was "cool" even if a bit goofy in spots.

I was thrilled when they FINALLY released the entire cartoon run on DVD 2-3 years ago; until then, they had released a few of the episodes on VHS, but they were few and hard to come by unless a video rental place was going out of business.

Ariel (Nellie Bellflower) was actually rather cool too, despite the shiny one-piece outfit; she was strong and tough and capable, even when she wasn't on the winning end of things or got into hot water.

I ran across this article today, from a 1980 fan zine, linked into a Star Wars article.

Fantastic Films Collectors Edition #20 (December, 1980): Thundarr the Barbarian | 2 Warps to Neptune

What was almost more interesting than reading about Thundarr was reading about the practices of the censorship board in the Saturday morning cartoon industry in 1980. Riveting, in regards to what they could and could NOT do.

from the article: "The big thing we've had to overcome is that the censors tend to treat children as if they are not just morons but also lunatics, potentially dangerous creatures."

I also did not realize the guy writing Howard the Duck at the time was in essence the showrunner...