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    sorry for not being brainwashed by the american media into feeling sad every time i see anything associated with 9/11 yes it was a tragedy but it also happened 13 years ago. bigger events have happened more recent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woaden View Post
    You do realize that the thread is asking people's thoughts on the picture?

    Maybe he did know it was 9/11; he just chose to focus on the symbolism of the objects, not the context of it.

    I just think it's odd to interpret this video frame (not picture) out of context.

    Like so many "jumpers" of 9/11, they weren't committing suicide. I'm not harshing on her post, just wanted to be clear of what it actually was.

    I'm not very sensitive to a lot of issues. This isn't one of them.
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    Didn't recognize it as an image from 9/11, but jumped to that conclusion pretty quickly.

    pun wasn't intentional, at all, but there we go
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