I just found this, and I have to say, this is the BEST Simpsons couch gag I have ever seen. It's just so cool. I am making it's own thread because I find it to be so hilarious and is one of those rare things that really captures my style of what I look for in humor, art, animation, etc. all in one. It's just, well, me.

It was animated by Don Hertzfeldt who is best known for his cartoon short Rejected which contains the well known scene "My Spoon is too Big". I love his stuff. What I found interesting is a lot of the comments I read about it had the majority of people saying it made them feel sad and genuinely freaked out and disturbed by it. Granted, I recognize that I am drawn to weird things and I can certainly see it falls into that category (but, sad? That one I don't really get)? Yet, I saw this before I saw the comments and it did not cross my mind at all that this is creepy, depression, disturbing, sad, etc. and was felt as a "low" point (but that goes off on a tangent). Just bizarre and surreal (which I love). In hindsight I can see it. I was left sitting here laughing so hard my stomach started to hurt with a huge smile on my face.

What are your thoughts and what is your reaction to this? Discuss.