Kind of puts even more spin on things... maybe a lot was going on past mid-life anxieties and Parkinson's.

Robin Williams had Parkinson

Robin Williams first began experiencing Parkinson’s-like symptoms in 2011 that included tremor in his left arm and restrictions of his left hand movements, but he wasn’t diagnosed with the disease until Nov. 2013, a pathology report about the famed comedian reveals.

The “Mrs. Doubtfire” actor saw some relief of his symptoms with a drug called pramipexole, and he began taking another called levodopa shortly before he committed suicide in August. Both drugs list hallucinations as a side-effect.

At the time of his death, 63-year-old Williams was also suffering from diffuse Lewy Body dementia, which can also cause hallucinations.

“It is important to note that patients with diffuse Lewy Body dementia frequently present with Parkinsonian motor symptoms and… depression and hallucinations,” explains a pathology report obtained by FOX411.

...TMZ reported that friends and family of Williams believe Lewy Body dementia was the main factor that led to his sudden suicide in August... His wife, Susan Williams, revealed to police his paranoia had been acting up before his death, and the day before he died he put several watches into a sock and gave them to an unidentified acquaintance for safe keeping.
Based on the autopsy with the kind of damage he did to his wrist as well as the manner and location of death (all of it rather odd), this seems like a possibility...